We Need your help!

Motion 110 is set to be debated again on June 8. In the last debate there were some very strong supporters from the PC and NDP. We are still in need of Liberal support. 

Below is a basic template and the details of who to write. You can share Quinn's story or your own story. We really need your help to get this to pass. It would feel so unjust if it was just pushed aside. We have all worked too hard for 3 years now to let this slip away! 

Thank you,

Quinn's Legacy Run Society


who to email:

There are three MPs we need to contact, to tell them your personal stories and get them to support Motion 110. 

email template

Dear Ms. McCrimmon, Mr. Vaughan and Mr. May,

 I was disappointed to hear Ms. McCrimmon’s speech in Parliament where she gave a list of excuses as to why the government would not be supporting Motion 110. This motion would be extremely important to the thousands of Canadian families who go through pregnancy and infant loss each year. I have been affected by this and I know how difficult things are for bereaved parents.


 There should be no excuses. Affected parents are asking for more compassion and understanding during their most challenging times. I don’t think that this is too much to ask for.

Please let me know that you will be supporting Motion 110 when it comes to a vote and standing shoulder to shoulder with grieving parents. You can make a difference for thousands of Canadian families. I would like to hear from you so we can discuss the importance of this motion. Please call me at *insert phone number*.

 Thank you.


Quinn's Mom Sarah Cormier in Ottawa fighting for Motion 110!

Quinn's Mom Sarah Cormier in Ottawa fighting for Motion 110!


Please do not hesitate to contact us at:

You can read more about Motion 110 here: